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In this time of uncertainty, we are all spending a great deal of time thinking of our family, friends, our loved ones and the challenges we will face ahead.  For Friends of Night People, the family and friends are our clients, volunteers and donors and we share these feelings of uncertainty and concern.  I hope you are well and safe.

This is not like any other appeal letter; there is no story of a person or family in need described here.  How could I choose to describe one individual’s life struggle when there are so many in dire need now more than ever.

Funding is essential to help keep individuals and families safe and fed.

Please make a special gift today to our Emergency Fund.  This will help us get food and supplies to those in need now and during the coming weeks and months.

Our staff has been working tirelessly to ensure we have the food and supplies people require in these desperate times.

During the past few weeks, Friends of Night People provided many to-go-meals while establishing social distancing guides to those we serve.  Our food pantry distributed more food than ever before to households through our food pantry serving over 180 families in one week; many who came for the first time. We have been helping to provide meals to the newly established Covid-19 shelters as well. Our staff helped support and raise awareness of community food distribution in our neighborhood.  People who needed food urgently were able to get the help they needed.

Your gift today will help individuals and families who need help.


Joseph S. Heary
Executive Director

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